PiPi HOME DECOR Textile Art Studio

Pipi Tustian - ‘mother, daughter, sister, wife, teacher & friend’
Textile Artist, owner of Pipi Home Decor

Much of Pipi's nurturing strength comes from the women in her life,
while a lighthearted sense of humor comes directly from the men!
Growing up she was surrounded by family love, humor, music, and
European slow food, which was always served with rustic casual
flare that made you want to sit for hours.

Inspired by these lengthy candlelit dinners where colour and pattern
danced right along with the relatives, Pipi's visual voice was in the
making. This over-flowing sense of history and emotional memory
gives Pipi's work timelessness rooted in unconditional love.
To this... the idea of gathering people around a table and bringing
them back to tradition is what fuels her creativity today.